Spa-tique with Susan D! - SoSound Sanctuary - Massage - Skin Care- to Revitalize your Life

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Hi - I'm Susan D.  I welcome you to discover and experience Spa-tique's treatments to renew zest in your body, energy and life! Visit "Wellness Classes & Events" to learn about upcoming educational programs.

Since I started Spa-tique in 1995, each year I continue to research new techniques, products, exercise classes and network with local and national experts. 

NEW in 2019...I am very excited to share the So Sound Sanctuary with you. Uniting "Sound Wave Massage" and Meditation in one!  Choose 30 or 15 minutes to escape and rejuvenate. Like a vacation, lay down on the beautiful lounge in an oceanic sanctuary and let the sound waves absorb and release tension and stress like the peaceful ebb and flow of the waves. Visit "So Sound Sanctuary" to learn more.

See and feel a difference immediately with diminished pain, or that night with better sleep, and the next few days feeling "Zen-like". Each session feels totally different and the benefits build and build upon each visit. Come and experience it once or once a week as your stress-relief treatment.

Are you "receiving" care as much as you are "giving" out to your family, career, friends, spouse? At Spa-tique I provide treatments to keep you active, re-energized and provide education on a variety of subjects.  Join me at future wellness classes to learn tips that will enhance your daily life. Spa-tique is designed to expand your life in discovering more.
Learn more, experience more, live life fully!

I look forward to treating you in the Spa, guiding you to the benefits of the So-Sound Sanctuary and seeing you at the classes!
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