Spa-tique with Susan D! - SoSound Sanctuary - Massage - Skin Care- to Revitalize your Life

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Join us at the Spa for our
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First-Time $20 Intro Sound Healing Session
30-minutes to experience “Sound Massage & Meditation”. A total rejuvenation for the mind and body. Each session creates even greater results. Special $20 Offer available to first-time So Sound Sanctuary users (regular price $29).

DEMO DAY - New Sound Healing Tools!!!
Thursday, October 10th: 10am-Noon & 4-7:30pm
Saturday, October 12th: 8-11am

*  EXPERIENCE: New sound healing tools for Pain Relief, Clear Mind, More Energy. You'll learn about the Bass Pod, Sound Lounge, Sound Pillow, Kasina Light Meditation and more...

* LEARN: @ 20 minutes after each hour Susan will be providing a 15 minutes presentation on "How Sound Therapy balances & tunes your body, mind and life!"

* EXCLUSIVE TRIAL: Sign-up to be one of the first to trial the latest sound healing tools!

* DRAWINGS & PRIZES + yummy treats & beverages!

Live Classes & Upcoming Spa-tique Master Class Webinars

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