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So Sound Sanctuary @ Spa-tique!

So Sound Lounger
Recline on a cushiony lounge and feel sound waves of music amplify through your body like a rhythmic massage seeking out areas of tension, while musical notes dance through your mind creating a meditative state. Enter the zone...releasing all cares and stress in your body.

The BEST combination of MASSAGE & MEDITATION/CALMING THE MIND! As your energy flows with greater ease after each Sound Lounge session, see how your other healthy treatments improve e.g., chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, etc.

What does it do for you??
Ahhhhmazing Results!!
* Alleviating Headaches and Migraines
* Releasing Body Aches & Tension
* Clears the Mind - Greater Creativity & Intuition
* Better Sleep
* Less Reactive to Triggers (challenging people and situations)
* And More....            
           Happy Body - Happy Mind - Happy Life

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Bass Pod - Targeted Frequency Applicator
Apply Cymatic healing sounds to specific organs and parts of the body. Utilizes the most well researched frequencies in the entire field of sound healing.

Music and frequencies for: arthritis, asthma, bone, brain, circulatory system, depression, endocrine glands, ligaments, muscles, nerves, respiratory system, tendons, and more...

Kasina Unit - Light & Sound Meditation
Utilizes light and sound pulses at specified frequencies to stimulate mental activity.
* Quiet & calm the mind
* Increase focus and attention
*Manage stress
* Break undesirable states like anger
* Meditation and relaxation

Come experience it for yourself! Schedule a session TODAY!
30 minute Sound Therapy Session     $29
Escape, zone out and replenish the well of zest in your life. In just 10 minutes you'll feel those "busy thoughts" and stress begin to release taking you deeper into "the zone".  Your body will feel massaged as sound waves release the tension. Emerge from the sound lounge room feeling revitalized and zen-like.

3 Pack of 30 minute Sessions                   $ 75 

15 minute Session                                     $18
Short and sweet tune up to use before yoga class, a massage, or your lunch time break to clear the mind and re-energize you. Or after a workout to release tension. For the Monkey Mind that won't go away. Perfect to start with when you have uber-busy schedule and mind!

3 Pack of 15 minute Sessions                   $45

But...don't just take my word for it...
“I have experienced the So Sound Sanctuary lounge 8 times now and I love it. The biggest and most surprising thing I have noticed is that I feel so chill, as though my mind and emotions no longer get the best of me.I feel much more in the present moment. During my first few sessions, my mind was all over the place wondering how it worked and what was going on in my body, but now the more I surrender to the experience of the lounge, the more I get out of it. The vibration finds it way to exactly where my body needs release most from stuck energy, stress, or pain.  I have truly noticed places that used to feel stuck in my body loosen up and melt away.  I would highly recommend it to anyone, and suggest you try it a few times so as to notice the many different benefits.”          ~ Joni Goldman

" The Sound Lounge is a sanctuary and recharging zone. The combination of music and vibration melts my bones releasing all tension, stress and anxiety. The result: more energy, relief from aches and pains, and a wonderful sense of peace. A truly happy experience...a life changing experience."
                                                                      ~ Shelagh Thomee

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