Spa-tique with Susan D! - SoSound Sanctuary - Massage - Skin Care to Revitalize your Life

Massage & Body Care Treatments

Massage - request the style your body needs!
For R&R or for Rehab.
30 minutes     $48
1 hour             $85
90 minutes      $117
Zone Out Massage - Feel your body tension melt and your mind float as aromatherapy oils and warm stones soothe tight muscles. Perfect for zoning out and rebalancing life.

Work It Out - Target Massage - We zero in on your problem tension areas such as Shoulders/ Upper Back or Headaches or IT Band or Sciatica, etc. Experience a variety of techniques such as Acupressure, Cupping - stationary or gentler version of gliding, Warm Stones, Tuina (twee-nah) Chinese Medical Massage Rolling  technique.

Deluxe Massage Options    1 hour $85;  90 min $117
Enhance your massage session with the Pain Relief "Glow" phototherapy to warm up muscles before we massage them. In addition experience the dome over the face for anti-aging, revitalizing effects. Clients report then enter the zone during deeper during this experience. Aroma acupressure meridian clearing and balancing is also included in the deluxe experience as desired.

Chakra Massage                       1 hour    $85
Experience soothing of the busyness in your body and mind.Chakra oil blends awaken your senses and body to a deeper level. A massage fusion of foot reflexology, head and back acupressure points release tension and reflexology for the feet blend a total body treatment. Positive meditative words invoke a quietness that lets you float away. Glow therapy and Aroma Acupressure included in the treatment as desired.

Raindrop Massage Fusion       1 hour    $85
Strengthen your immune system against "stress" and cold/virus season that happens anytime during the year. Spicy oils "raindrop" along your spine with massage strokes, warm stones and a heat pack to enhance their activation, strengthening your nerves and organs. You will find a gentle warming of the body that fights off viruses and calms your mind and body. A foot/calf massage and final sinus opening pressure points release and rejuvenate

 Half n Half                                  1 hour    $85
(30 minute Massage & 30 Minute Facial)
Head to toe total relaxation. A perfect blend of a back massage with a mini facial together to soothe and refresh!

Back Scrub & Massage             1 hour     $85
Ahhhh! A good back scrub and rub down! Enjoy a refreshing deep cleansing of the back with a scrub treatment, soothing mask followed by a 30 minute warm stone massage of the back and the lower legs. Revitalizing for anytime, any skin. Especially beneficial for back acne, before a wedding/formal event, or the middle of winter dry or summer sweaty skin.

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