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Health & Safety Update:
Massage & Sound Healing Lounge will remain open. Based on Gov. Evers directive, massage therapists fall in to the HealthCare category and are allowed to remain open at this time (refer to Emergency Order Section 6H).

At this time massage is open for currently scheduled clients only (sorry…not taking new clients at this time). The Sound Healing Lounge is an ideal option for managing stress and self-care, important for maintaining optimal health, especially during this time. We have a DIY option for the Sound Healing Lounge to maintain social distancing. Business hours will be modified so I can manage my self-care as well. Hours for Sound Healing Lounge are:
              Tuesday & Wednesday - 10am – 6pm
              Thursday - 4-6pm
              Saturday – 9am-Noon
              By appointment request Monday & Friday
Being a sole-proprietor allows me to more easily maintain a safe, clean environment. As mentioned in previous communication, extra precautions are being taken to ensure things are sanitized between clients (anything touchable) and I ask that you wait in the lobby outside Spa-tique – I will come and get you when ready for your session. I also ask that if you are not feeling well, have a cough or fever and/or traveled within or outside the US within the last 14 days you refrain from scheduling an appointment.
Also watch for Educational Videos on Facebook as well as virtual classes providing you tips & techniques you can use at home to help manage stress, detox, and boost your immune system.

Hi - I'm Susan D.  I welcome you to discover and experience Spa-tique's treatments to renew zest in your body, energy, and life! Visit"Wellness Classes & Events" to learn about upcoming educational programs.

Since I started Spa-tique in 1995, each year I continue to research new techniques, products, exercise classes and network with local and national experts. 

In 2019, I added the So Sound Sanctuary in order to provide the latest cutting-edge sound healing technology. Uniting "Sound Wave Massage & Meditation" plus tools for specific targeted frequencies for pain relief and light & sound meditation (totally sci-fi!).  Choose 15- or 30-minute sessions to escape and rejuvenate - 3 Sound Therapy Rooms available. Visit "So Sound Sanctuary" to learn more. Come and experience it once or once a week as your stress-relief treatment.

Are you "receiving" care as much as you are "giving" out to your family, career, friends, spouse? At Spa-tique I provide treatments to keep you active, re-energized and provide education on a variety of subjects.  Join me at future wellness classes to learn tips that will enhance your daily life. Spa-tique is designed to expand your life in discovering more.
Learn more, experience more, live life fully!

I look forward to treating you in the Spa, guiding you to the benefits of Sound Healing and seeing you at the classes!

Susan D.
Owner, Spa-tique & So Sound Sanctuary

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